How long has CC’s been around?

In 1995, a new kind of coffee house opened its doors in the heart of New Orleans, a comfortable place where good friends gathered around great coffee that Louisiana families treasured. Today, CC’s Coffee House is more than 30 locations strong, with deep roots in the communities we serve. Over a period of nearly two decades in the retail foodservice trade, we’ve earned our reputation honestly — through friendly, knowledgeable local teams serving top-quality coffees and foods in relaxing surroundings. Now, we’re looking for CC’s Licensees to help bring our rich tradition to new guests.

What do our guests love about CC’s?

Our mission is to serve everyone better than anyone else. And our guests keep coming back — and find it hard to leave — because we consistently deliver:

  • Better Beans – CC’s Coffee House Selections begin with the highest-quality beans from around the world, a tradition carried forward from a long-standing relationship with Community Coffee Company as our selected coffee provider.
  • The Best Cup – Our line of hot-brewed coffees, espresso drinks and frozen beverages can’t be matched for quality or flavor. Just ask our guests!
  • The Right Mood – Relaxing jazz tunes, friendly, knowledgeable baristas and comfort in every corner. Once you sit down, you might not want to leave.
  • Value and Variety – Competitive prices and delicious drinks for every season keep guests coming back again and again.
  • Healthy Options – We furnish nutrition information for all products and offer a line of guilt-free foods and beverages for health-conscious guests.

How is CC’s different from other national chains and other local coffee shops?

What sets CC’s apart from both the “mom and pops” and the national chains is simple — quality, product diversity and the way we listen to our guests and meet their needs. We help keep you on top of your game by staying ahead of national coffeehouse trends:

First in our markets to provide free Wi-Fi

Early to develop the mobile coffee & food truck concept (CC’s Coffee House Streetside Café™)

Introduced coffee and pastry pairings ahead of other concepts

Recognized as a pioneer in social media marketing

What are we looking for in a CC’s Licensee?

Our ideal partner:

Is compatible with the CC’s Coffee House Vision, Mission and Values;

Offers measurable population, enrollment and/or traffic; and

Is goal-focused and committed to partnering with a distinctive legacy brand that guests recognize

Anything else you want to know? We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Just get in touch.  

How much does it cost to open a CC’s?

The total costs will vary by location, store size and other factors. To discuss the initial investment and licensing agreement, email our Licensed Operations Team, or call toll-free, 800-442-3389.  

What kinds of benefits and support can I expect?

As a CC’s Coffee House Licensee, you can look forward to:

  • Income generation with minimal initial investment
  • Excellent return on investment
  • The unique opportunity to leverage a popular product with instant brand recognition
  • Improved or new revenue/profit streams and increased traffic counts 
  • Identifiable, quality brand partnerships
  • Raised check averages, breakfast and afternoon day-part participation
  • Design efficiency and flexibility to use in virtually every space
  • Logistical and operational efficiency

And we support you and your team with:

  • Training
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Quality assurance programs
  • Prototypical drawings
  • Products
  • Branded uniforms and cups

And more!

What are the qualifications for a CC’s Licensee?

Exemption Qualifications
CC’s Coffee Concepts operates an exemption-based licensing program (e.g. the offer must satisfy one or more exemptions to the FTC Franchise Rule entitled “Disclosure Requirements and Prohibitions Concerning Franchising Ventures) and requires licensees to satisfy certain criteria with respect to investment, size, net worth and/or qualifications

Fractional Franchise
You believe that the sales arising from your activities under a Master License Agreement (that is, the development and operation of Coffee Houses) would not exceed 20% of your total dollar volume (including all other businesses owned by you) in sales during the first year of operation of one or more Coffee Houses.  

You, or at least one of your current directors or officers, has two or more years of experience in a business that is substantially similar. Please identify the name(s) of the officer, director, or owner and include a description of the other businesses:

Large Investment
You would like to develop multiple Coffee Houses, and believe that your initial investment in the development of the Coffee Houses would be $1,084,900 (excluding any unimproved land).  Please state the number of Coffee Houses you would like to develop.

Sophisticated Investor
You (or your parents or affiliates or an individual owner) have been in business for at least 5 years and have a net worth of at least $5,424,500 according to your financial statements. 

I'm Interested! What’s Next?

Contact our Licensed Operations team

or Call toll-free

NOTE: This is not an offer. An offer is made only pursuant to an exemption under applicable law and delivery of a license agreement.

*Reader surveys in 225 Magazine (Baton Rouge), Times of Acadiana (Lafayette), Gambit (New Orleans)

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