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“Wow’s” From Our Guests

Jefferson in Baton Rouge

I did not receive WOW service, but I saw someone who did. When a woman walked in, as I was walking out, I heard David say, "Ms. Linda is here! Good morning Ms. Linda! How are you doing today?" It was obvious she was a repeat customer and was treated extremely warmly by the entire staff.

Camellia in Lafayette

Payton and Amy were attentive throughout the ordering and preparing process. They worked together at the register while I ordered the drink. I was offered flavor and additional sweeteners. Amy created the beverage while Payton offered a pastry and offered to heat it up. He thanked me kindly and directed me to the espresso bar. Amy made small talk while she finished up. She thanked me kindly and directed me to the condiment stand.

Bluebonnet and Perkins in Baton Rouge

Sydney made my visit enjoyable - WOW service indeed! She offered great suggestions for my beverage and my pastry choice. During my visit she noticed me looking at merchandise and came to ask if I needed help with anything. Her joyful spirit filled my heart with happiness.
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Airline Hwy in Prairieville

I feel like I was given WOW service because of Logan's friendliness! He smiled the whole time. Even when he had to ask Zach a question, he kept on smiling and made the best of things.

Airline Hwy and Bluebonnet in Baton Rouge

Jacob provided me with WOW service. He was extremely friendly to me and had fantastic suggestions to help make my beverage better. Although he had no cookies baked for purchase, he apologized and promised to have them on my next visit. He suggested one of the coffee cakes as a good pairing with my beverage.

Old Metairie in New Orleans

Mia greeted at least 1 customer by name when he approached the register. She even asked if he wanted his usual and knew what that was. She was friendly and helpful in taking my order. She was enthusiastic in her work and professional at the same time. Leah was delivering the drinks and was also friendly. She addressed customers by first name and announced their drink as well. She asked one gentlemen customer a personal, friendly question to which he seemed happy to reply. Leah commented to a female customer when she was delivering her drink that her daughter who had been in was "adorable and a doll." Both employees seemed to remember their customers and some of their regular orders as well.

Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge

It was nice to see the group working so well together as a team. There was good cooperation and consideration for the customers, as well. The team worked cohesively to get customer orders completed quickly and correctly. It was a smooth interaction. The associate above went out of his way to be sure customers were served quickly and orders were being taken care of.

Congress in Lafayette

Kristy suggested a coffee when I seemed indecisive. My coffee was delicious. The barista who made the coffee added an extra topping. Three employees all tried to answer my question about the calories. The male employee remained busy cleaning and fixing the toilet.

Mag Commons in New Orleans

Everyone worked together so well to ensure the best customer service possible. They were friendly and professional, giving every guests a great start to their day.

Burbank in Baton Rouge

An associate came to my table and offered me a coffee refill. She offered to pick up my used plate, but I wasn't ready. She was nice and went above and beyond in her duties.

Royal in New Orleans

Nadine was very efficiently and quickly handling a steady stream of customers with varied orders. She was cheerful and helpful to every one of us. She smiled and cheerfully greeted and served each individual's needs. The barista preparing the drinks was also efficiently filling orders. He thanked customers when delivering drinks.

Poydras in New Orleans

Lane was very professional, friendly and courteous when I called ahead to confirm they were open and to find our their location. When I arrived, he greeted me with a smile. After my order, he thanked me and bid me a good day. He was genuinely helpful and attentive when answering my questions and explaining further about the loyalty program. When I went to leave, Lane called me by name, thanked me for coming and invited me to come again. He said, "Thank you Miss [my name], and please come see us again."

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